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HKS Turbo Timer Type-1 **New Release** #21741

HKS Turbo Timer Type-1 **New Release** #21741

HKS Turbo Timer Type-1 **New Release**
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In 1982 HKS introduced the world’s first Turbo Timer to assist in cooling
down the turbocharger to prevent oil coking in the center bearing cartridge
assembly. Oil "coking" occurs when a turbocharger is not properly cooled down
and the oil that normally lubricates the center cartridge heats up and forms
solidified oil deposits. A turbo timer allows an engine to idle for a preset
amount of time after the ignition key has been turned to the off position and
removed. By allowing a turbocharged engine to idle, oil continues to pass
through the turbo until it has cooled down to the point where oil "coking" will
not occur. Re-designed for 2008, the all new Turbo Timer Type-0 and Type-1
feature a new, slim low profile design with a separate LCD display and control
unit following the same design concepts as the current HKS EVC and A/F Knock

The Turbo Timer Type-1 features a light blue LCD backlit display and has the
same basic timing and voltage features as the Type-0 plus several monitoring and
measurement functions. The Turbo Timer Type-1 features an Auto mode for the
timer function allowing the Turbo Timer to automatically calculate optimum
idling time according to the most recent driving pattern. Vehicle speed and RPM
can be displayed on the Type-1's LCD monitor and a speed warning level can be
set. A two-stage RPM warning can also be set and used as a shift indicator. When
a warning level is reached the Type-1's LCD monitor will blink and an audible
beep will sound. The HKS Turbo Timer Type-1 also features various measurement
functions including 1/4 mile timer, 0-60 timer and a stopwatch function that can
be used for lap timing. The Turbo-Timer Type-1 can read in either MPH/SAE or KPH/Metric.

Part # 41001-AK010
Positive Lit LCD
    Blue Back Light
Black Display Case (W:89.5mm/H:22.5mm/D:13mm)
LCD Display (W:41.5mm/H:11mm)
Black Control Unit Case (W:69.0mm/H:80.0mm/D:21.0mm)
Timer Functions:
    Manual Mode (0-10 Minutes)
    Memory Mode #1 (1 touch, 1 Minute Setting)
    Memory Mode #2 (1 touch, 3 Minute Setting)
    Auto Mode (0-5 Minute Setting)
Battery Voltage Display:
    Battery Voltage
    Peak Value Indication
    ON/OFF Warning Function
Vehicle Speed Indication Function:
    Vehicle Speed
    Peak Speed Hold Value
    Speed Warning Function
Engine RPM Indication Function:
    Engine RPM
    Peak Engine RPM Hold Value
    Engine RPM Warning Function
Display in either MPH/SAE or KPH/Metric
Metric Distance Time Functions:
    Acceleration Distance (0-100m, 0-200m, 0-400m)
    Section Time (200-400m)
    Acceleration Time (0-100km/h, 100-150km/h)
    Auto or Manual Start for Quarter Mile Function
SAE Distance Time Functions:
    Acceleration Distance (0-60 foot, 0-1/8 mile, 0-1/4 mile)
    Auto or Manual Start for Quarter Mile Function
Stopwatch Tool Time Measurement
    Total Elapsed Time
    Lap Times

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