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State of Pennsylvania requires a face mask in all retail locations. Customers MUST wear a face mask under reopening requirements. Please wear a face mask upon entering our store for pick up.

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Due to the recent rise in COVID-19 cases, shipping services with UPS and USPS delays may occur.

We are experiencing delays with our email server. If you sent us an e-mail within the past 24 hours and have not received a response, please call us at 215-244-4295 or email us at ExtremePSI@gmail.com . We apologize for the inconvenience.

OEM Parts

OEM Parts
Brake and Steering 56 Products
Cooling and Heating 73 Products
Drivetrain and Transmission 219 Products
Electrical and Sensors 115 Products
Engine 258 Products
Fluids 11 Products
Fuel 44 Products
Gaskets and Seals 150 Products
Intake and Exhaust 37 Products
Interior and Exterior 143 Products
Lubrication 63 Products
Suspension 34 Products
Timing Components 60 Products
Turbocharger Components 49 Products
Wheel and Tire 10 Products