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ECMLink GM MAF Cable : DSM #27535

ECMLink GM MAF Cable : DSM #27535

ECMLink GM MAF Cable : DSM
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ECMLink (V3) provides GM MAF compensation inside the ECU. That means you can run the GM MAF straight to the ECU and have full control over the precise compensation yourself. This cable provides that connection to the ECU. But ECMLink provides the translation. Without ECMLink (V3) installed inside your ECU, this cable is not very useful to you.

Details: The GM MAF cable is actually a little more than just a cable. It incorporates a small PCB built with high quality surface mount components to provide signal conditioning required to feed the GM MAF signal to the ECU. In addition, the cable provides break-out connections for both the IAT and baro inputs to the ECU. The Baro input is run through a buffer circuit so that you can freely connect any 5v sensor to this input without fear of overloading the sensor. More details on why you might require a buffer circuit when connecting an aftermarket sensor to the ECU can be found on this page

NOTE 1: We absolutely must make mention of the fact that GM MAF outputs WILL vary from car to car. Most variations should be minor and easily corrected. However, it's not at ALL unusual to see a GM MAF installation require up to 30 or 40% adjustment from our base configuration! It's simply the way the GM MAF works. If you vary the size of the piping around the GM MAF, its output is going to vary accordingly.

Our test platform used a 2.5" IC pipe with flared ends to 3" just before/after the GM MAF install point which was about 6 to 8 linear inches from the throttle body. If your setup varies from this, you can probably expect variations in GM MAF output from the base values we provide in ECMLink.

There's a MAF adjustment procedure provided in the ECMLink application that can be used to dial in a MAF setup quickly and easily.

NOTE 2: Using a GM MAF in the upper IC of a turbo charged car is inconsistent with the design of the GM MAF *and* it's inconsistent with MANY assumptions inside the DSM ECU. Factory DSM ECU code assumes the MAF is locate way out in front of the turbo and it assumes a LOT about the characteristics of the factory Mitsubishi MAF (response times, smoothing factors, etc.).

You can still use a GM MAF and you can locate it in the upper IC. It works fine and has for years. Just please be aware of the limitation and expectations. ECMLink does provide a number of direct access adjustments to many of the tables that drive the ECU's assumption about MAF behavior. So you can tweak much of this difference out.

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