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TiAL Sport TZ4 Series TZ96111 Turbocharger : 650-1400 HP #32390

TiAL Sport TZ4 Series TZ96111 Turbocharger : 650-1400 HP #32390

TiAL Sport TZ4 Series TZ96111 Turbocharger : 650-1400 HP
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We’ve released a new family of Super Cores, featuring advanced HTA and HTZ compressors, for high peak flow and power, within the mid-range frame.

  • High-flow compressor covers with integrated turbine speed sensor (TSS) provision and high-pressure v-flange connection points are utilized.
  • These new units are configured with robust, hydrodynamic journal bearing systems with severe-duty, machined 360-degree thrust systems as standard equipment, as well as twin gas seal rings on the turbine end.
  • High-flow turbine wheels cast in Inconel 713C are used exclusively.

These units are a perfect fit for our recently-released family of investment-cast (in-house!) stainless, v-band turbine housing, and they can also be used with existing BorgWarner S400 housings for their turbine wheel of the same size.

Turbocharger Specs

  • Compressor Wheel: 80mm Inducer / 111mm Exducer
  • Turbine Wheel: 96mm inducer / 88mm Exducer
  • HP Range: 650-1400
Ships in 4-7 Days
SKU TL-006858
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Turbine Housing Option

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